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Electronic and Electric Measurement Instruments
RF Signal Generators up to 67GHz
RF Spectrum and Signal Analyzers up to 50GHz
Vector Network Analyzers up to 67GHz

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Boonton Electronics

Peak and CW Power Meters/Analyzers up to 40 GHz
RF Millivoltmeters up to 1.2 GHz
Modulation Analyzers up to 2.5 GHz
Audio Analyzers up to 140 KHz
Capacity and Inductance Meters.

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I.F.I. Instruments For Industry

TWT and Solid State Amplifiers up to 40 GHz for EW and EMC applications.

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Phase Matrix

Frequenzimetri VXI e da banco, per segnali CW e CW/PULSE sino a 170GHz con preselezione d’ingresso per mezzo di filtro YIG ad alta sensibilità, protezione d’ingresso sino a 40W continui e possibilità deffettuare anche misure di livello. Sintetizzatori/Up-Dowm Converter a microonde in VXI in technologia SI (Synthetic Instrumentation).

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Solid State Noise Sources, coaxial and waveguide, up to 110 GHz
Programmable Multi-Purpose Noise Generators up to 40 GHz
Amplifier Noise Power Ratio Test Station up to 40 GHz
Bit Error Rate Analyzers
Digital Noise Generators
Amplified Noise Modules for BITE testing

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Multichannel (up to four channels) Arbitrary Function and Waveform Generators up to 1.25 GS/s
Pulse Waveform Generators
Signal Amplifiers

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AC Power Supply – AC Power Source – Frequency Converter
UPS-Uninterruptible Power Source
Modified Standard Product
COTS, Custom AC-DC and DC-DC – Build to Print
Railroad Signal Source/Frequency Converter and RR products

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Flexco Microwave Inc.

Coaxial cables, up to 40 GHz

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Konnect RF

Componentistica varia RF/microonde: connettori, adattatori, attenuatori, cavi coassiali

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Antennas, Waveguide and Coaxial Components, Coaxial Cables, Connectors, Power Components

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Raditek International Inc.

Componenti attivi (PLO, DRO, Crystal Oscillators, Synthesizers, etc.) e passivi (Isolators, Circulators, Combiners, Couplers, etc.) nel campo RF e microonde

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Solid State Power Amplifiers and Modules

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Gigatronics Inc.

Microwave Synthesizers up to 50 GHz

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Horizon Electronics Ltd

Power Supply Systems for ATE applications (up to eight different power modules in 19″ chassis) with rating power up to 2.4 KW
MIL-STD Power Supply with rating power up to 6 KW

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I.F. Engineering

Power Dividers/Combiners, Directional Couplers, Quadrature Hybrids 90°, Vector Modulators (I&Q), Phase Comparators/I&Q Demodulators, Multi-Couplers/Distribution Amplifiers, Sub-systems

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Tablet and Handheld Multifunctional Oscilloscope

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Next generation of PC-Controlled Real-Time Spectrum Analyzer, benchtop-like RTSA performance for one-tenth the price:
. Frequency Ranges from 100 kHz to 8, 18, or 27 GHz
· Real-Time Bandwidth (RTBW) up to 100 MHz
· Probability of Intercept (POI) as short as 1.02 ¼s
· Spurious Free Dynamic Range (SFDR) up to 100 dBc

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Synopsis Corporation Group

Agile and Coherent Synthesizers and AWG
Telecom and Radar Simulators and Systems
High Speed Digital Circuits
Digital signal Processing