1465A/B/C/D/F/H/L Signal Generators

Product overview

1465 series signal generators, with the frequency range of 100kHz ~ 67GHz, are provided with high
purity spectrum and high output power. The single side band phase noise at 10GHz carrier and 10kHz
frequency offset is -126dBc/Hz. The maximum output power reaches up to 1W at 20GHz carrier, and the
dynamic output power range gets 150dB. All these specifications can meet the high-end requirements
of electromagnetic signal tests. In addition, 1465 signal generators own the functions of
high-precision analog sweep and high-performance analog and pulse modulation, with maximum
bandwidth of internally modulated signal generator up to 10MHz, various signal waveforms, the
minimum pulse width of 20ns and flexible pulse trains, which can meet the test requirements of
analog and pulse modulations. A 10.1-in. display screen of 1280×800 resolution as well as a number
of independent operation styles, such as buttons, mouse and touch screens are equipped so as to
improve user experience and test efficiency. 1465 signal generators can generate high-quality
continuous-wave or modulated signals, which are not only ideal local oscillation source and clock
source, but also high-performance analog simulation signal source. They are mainly used in the
radar performance evaluation, high-performance receiver test and components parameter test etc.,
and applicable to aviation, aerospace, radar, communication and navigation equipment etc.

Main characteristics

● High purity spectrum

● Broadband and high-power output

● High stability frequency and power output

● Convenient touch screen control

● Complete frequency band serialization

● High-precision analog sweep

● Super-high power dynamic range

● Excellent analog modulation

● High-performance pulse modulation

● Multiple control and function extension interfaces

High purity spectrum

1465 series signal generators are able to output extremely pure signal spectrum, typical single
side band phase noise at 10GHz carrier and 10kHz frequency offset of -126dBc/Hz, and at 1GHz
carrier and 10kHz frequency offset of -142dBc/Hz. This performance can be used in Doppler radar,
high-performance receiver blocking and adjacent channel selectivity tests, and are ideal
alternatives to local oscillator and low-jitter clock.