AV3672 Series Vector Network Analyzer includes 5 models which reach up to 67GHz.

In terms of hardware, comparing to last generation, the brand-new design concept and technical proposal have upgraded key performances index (KPI) of machine such as sweep speed and dynamic range etc.; in terms of software, the embedded computer system (ECS) with high-performance microprocessor chip and the platform based on Windows operating system have greatly improved interconnectivity and usability of the instrument.

AV3672 provide multiple calibration type including frequency response, single port, response isolation, enhanced response and full dual-port, electronic calibration etc.; they offer various display formats suich as logarithmic amplitude , linear amplitude, standing-wave, phase, group delay, Smith chart and polar coordinates etc.; they are designed with several standard interfaces: USB, LAN, GPIB and VGA etc.

Besides all measurements function the same with traditional vector network analyzers, through configuration of functional options, AV3672 series vector network analyzers are also capable of multifunctional and comprehensive paraneter test of mixer/converter, gain compression two-dimensional sweep and pulse S-parameters, as well as accuracy measurement of amplitude-frequency characteristics, phase-frequency characteristics and group delay characteristics of microwave network. AV3672 series vector network analyzers can be widely used in the field of transmitting/receiving (T/R) module measurement, dielectric material properties measurement, microwave pulse characteristics measurement and optoelectronic properties measurements, which are indispensable instruments for scientific research and manifacturing process of radar, communication and navigation systems.

Main Features:

  • Flexible and optional calibration types, compatible with multiple calibrations kits
  • Support multi-window, multi-channel tests, fast implementation of complex test scheme
  • Available in multiple display format such as logarithmic amplitude, linear amplitude, standing-wave, phase, Smith chart
  • USB, LAN, GPIB and VGA display interfaces
  • English Operation interface, 12.1-inch high resolution touch screen
  • Record/run, one-click operation greatly simplifies the measurement setting steps and improves the efficiency
  • Available in function as pulse S parameter measurement, time-domain measurement, mixer measurement, gain compression two-dimensional sweep measurement, millimeter-wave frequency extension, antenna & RCS measurement and receiving etc. Humanized user interface for easy operation, which can improve the efficiency

Flexible and optional calibration types, compatible with multiple calibration kits

AV3672 Series Network Vector Analyzer provide multiple calibration types, including guided calibration (automatic calibration), unguided calibration (using mechanical calibration kits to conduct through response calibration, through response and isolation calibration, single port calibration, enhanced response calibration, full two-port SOLT calibration, TRL calibration) and electronic calibration (ECal) etc. Users can select calibration kits, such as coaxial 3.5mm calibration kit and electronic calibration kit based on test requirements, which greatly facilitates testing on devices with different interfaces.

Multiple windows to display all measuring channel

The analyzers have the function of multi-channel and multi-window display. They support up to 64 channels. Maximum 16 measuring windows can be simultaneously displayed, and each window can simultaneously display up to 8 testing traces, which makes the observation results more visible and the operation more convenient.

12.1-inch high resolution touch screen

The 12.1-inch touch screen with 1280*800 resolution has bright and comfortable color, which can make your operation very convenient.

Large Dynamic Range

AV3672 series vector network analyzers are designed with the concept of mixer receiving, which effectively extends the dynamic range of the complete machine and meets the test demand for large dynamic ranges.

Rich Peripheral interfaces, flexible and pratical

Adopting the software & hardware platform consisting of embedded computer module compatible with PC and Windows operating system, AV3672 series vector network analyzers realize the perfect combination of instrument and PC. Users can use the rich I/O interfaces (including GPIB, LAN and USB) to complete the optimum selection of data communication.

Low trace noise, high test accuracy

The excellent performance of AV3672 series vector network analyzers in trace noise highly improve the test accuracy so as to meet user’s demand for accurate measurement, and they are especially helpful for the accurate measurement of devices with low insertion loss.

Time domain analysis can comprehensively characterize the design

With time domain options, AV3672 series vector network analyzers can realize the switching of measuring results between frequency domain and time domain, which can be used to identify the discontinuous points of device, fixture or cable to identify the accurate fault location.

Automatic Test

Calibration is complicated: short-circuiter, open-circuiter, load, through – SO PROFESSIONAL!

Set up the same parameters over and over again – VERY BORING!

Products need to be tested under harsh conditions BUT PEOPLE NEEDN’T!

Setting changing and data recording need to be done at set intervals – UNFORTUNATELY, I’M NOT A TIMER!

What to do? We will help you!

AV3672 series vector network analyzers can provide you integrated automatic test solutions including automatic calibration, automatic measurement, automatic reading and automatic printing.

Flexible and multiple control modes are provided through GPIB, LAN and USB interfaces. All you need to do is to finish the interconnection of equipment and send the command.

What benefits does automatic test bring for you?

  • Simple control method
  • Effectively lower the test cost, liberated limited human resources
  • Finish more tests in effective time, greatly shorten the development period
  • Finish the task impossible for manpower, such as accurate timing, test under complex enviroment etc.

Typical Applications:

Mixer Test

The 4-port measurement option of AV3672 series vector network analyzer have two built-in sources, which can perform the testing of scalar and vector parameters of mixers.

Filter Test

AV3672 series vector network analyzer have filter test menus, which are convenient and efficient.

Integrated pulse S parameter test

AV3672 series vector network analyzer have the function of pulse modulation signal output and can conduct the test of pulse S parameters.

High-speed sweep magnetron test

AV3672 series vector network analyzer have high sweep speed, so are capable of magnetron test.

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