Product Overview

AV4456D Digital Fluorescence Oscilloscope has four channels, 500MHz
bandwidth and 5GSa/s sampling rate. The originally developed Any Acquire phosphor
technique provides brand-new use experiences of oscilloscope for clients.
AV4456D oscilloscope integrates digital oscilloscope, bus analyzer and digital
voltmeter, has many functions including automatic waveform setup, automatic
measurement of waveform parameter, marker measurement, histogram measurement,
arithmetic operation and advanced mathematics, FFT analysis, serial-bus triggering
and analysis, limit and template test, power measurement and analysis and so on, to
support Ethernet remote control. Integrated development and application are easy and

Main Characteristics:
70 million frames/sec waveform capture rate, fast identify and capture accidental events.

5GSa/s sampling rate and 200Mpts/CH deep storage, burr and contingency
capture rate are greatly improved. Users can review more waveform details in a
longer collection period. 256-grade gray scale and four types of waveform palettes for display, gives you extraordinary visual experience. AV4456D implements digital fluorescence three-dimensional display technique, to tell probability of event occurrence through lightness of color
(256-grade gray scale) or temperature change (color grade) , and to provide 4 types
of waveform palettes including normal, reverse, color temperature and spectrum,
which enhances the capability of contingency view for superior visual experience.

Multiple triggering functions, precise digital triggering locks up triggered
events accurately.
AV4456D supplies users with rich triggering functions, including edge, pulse
width, video, runt pulse, logic, sequence, establishment of maintenance time, rise and
fall time, HD digital video, serial bus triggering, which help users locate events in
which they have interest out of complicated sampling information.

AV4456D implies the technique of precise digital triggering to perform triggering point determination against ADC samples collected, to restrain impact of
interference signals, and to locate triggering events fast, to lay the foundation for
accurate display and signal analysis of oscilloscope. Triggering jitter of the digital
triggering is as low as ±1ps, highest triggering sensitivity reaches 0.1 measure,
narrowest pulse test width is 200ps, and channel delay calibration step is 400ps.
Advantages of digital triggering:
●more precise triggering ●more flexible triggering
●higher triggering sensitivity ●lower triggering jitter
●narrower pulse test width ●more precise channel delay calibration

Strong calculation and analysis tools enable deep data digging and analysis.
AV4456D provides a complete set of analysis tools for users, including markers based
on waveform and screen, 29 kinds of parameter automatic measurements,
mathematical operation, FFT analysis, advanced mathematics, waveform histogram,
statistics, limit template test, power measurement and analysis, serial bus decode and
analysis, etc.

Hardware triggering and analysis of serial bus: a test solution of serial bus.
AV4456D supplies a powerful set of serial bus analysis tools, which support
auto triggering and analysis of many buses like I2C, SPI, CAN, LIN, FlexRay, RS232,
USB and Audio, provide serial bus test solutions of embedded, vehicle, computer,
video and other serial buses. Based on FPGA whole hardware decoding technique,
AV4456D improves the acquisition probability of random serial communication error

Over 20 types of built-in training signal output help educators equip and
upgrade labs.
AV4456D oscilloscope provides over 20 types of free built-in training signals
for educators, including sine wave, square wave, triangle wave, saw-tooth wave, runt
pulse, repeated pulse, RF, digital burst, RS232, CAN, LIN, FlexRay and so on, which
can help educators equip and upgrade labs.

Standard 5U racket, multiple peripheral interfaces, convenient for device
Standard 5U racket and multiple peripheral interfaces, containing LAN, USB
host, USB device, VGA, auxiliary input/output, 10MHz reference input/output,
support Ethernet remote control, which is easy for function extension and system