The Pulse Master is a Series of Single and Dual Channel Pulse/Waveform Generators that offers a complete array of pulse, standard, arbitrary, sequenced and modulated waveforms with unmatched performance, even compared to instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals. Its smart, compact, 2U 1/2 rack-width footprint allows designers and manufacturers to conserve substantial benchtop or rack space, while benefiting from high-performance, bandwidth, signal integrity, and reliability with the flexibility to adapt to a full spectrum of applications making the Pulse Master an important laboratory tool, both now and for many years to come.

  • 50MHz Single Channel Pulse / Pattern generator
  • 100MHz Function Generator for standard waveforms
  • 300MS/s, 16Bit Arbitrary Waveform / Sequence Generator
  • 10ps pulse resolution with 4ns transition time
  • 32Vpp into open circuit with programmable impedance
  • 16-Bit Digital Pattern Generator with programmable level
  • AM, FM, FSK, ASK, PSK, PWM and sweep
  • Powerful sequence generator links and loops segments in user-defined fashion
  • Stores up to 10 different sequence tables
  • High resolution 3.8” User Friendly color LCD display
  • Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces
  • Waveforms transfer and storage through USB/CD/DVD
  • “Drop-in” Emulators for: Fluke 80/1, HP8116, HP8112, HP8160, HP8165, Tabor 8500, Tabor 8550/1

Model PM8571/2A is very high performance, dual channel pulse/pattern generator that stretch normal pulse generators’ spec to the limit, becoming by far the most advanced pulse waveform generator available in the market. In addition to its high performance pulse features, the new PM8571/2A generate a complete array of standard, arbitrary and sequenced waveforms which are necessities in today’s laboratories.

Versatile Pulse Controls

If your application requires more than just a fixed duty cycle or programmable pulse width, then you can modulate and control your leading edge with any standard or arbitrary waveform shape. Combine all of these features with external pulse width control and you have an extremely versatile pulse generation tool.

Extremely Accurate Resolution

Need to control pulse transitions and placement? Just program each channel to output pulses with linear or fast transitions and control edge placement with 10ps resolution.

High Speed Function Generator Care to use the instrument as a function generator? No need to calculate complex waveforms because the PM8571/2A does the work for you. Select the standard waveforms tab and start generating any of ten waveforms that are pre-computed and available for immediate use. Included are: sine, triangle, square, pulse, ramp, sinc and others at frequencies up to 100MHz.

32Vp-p Into Open Circuit

While typical pulse/function generators come with 10Vp-p into 50Ω, model PM8571/2A provides an unmatched output of up to 20Vp-p into 50Ω (32Vp-p into open circuit). On top of that, the PM8571/2A output impedance can be programmed simply either from the front panel or through remote to fit the UUT requirement.

Trigger Jitter

Many applications require accurate triggering capabilities, with a trigger jitter of less than 100ps the PM series offers unprecedented triggering accuracy enabling users to implement various testing scenarios.

Store / Recall (Memory stick/CD/DVD)

The new PM series is equipped with a USB host enabling the loading and saving of setups and waveforms from various memory storage devices such as USB stick, CD ROM and DVD. This allows the user to instantly upload the waveforms and setup to the instrument without the need of a PC or Laptop.

Emulating Legacy Products Model PM8571/2A implements command emulators to both new and discontinued Pulse and Function Generators sold in the market, providing smooth transition for all the aging automatic test systems that face obsolescence and maintenance problems. The unique feature will allow clients to easily “drop-in” the PM8571/2A in slots vacated by out-of-order Agilent, Fluke, HP, LeCroy, Tabor, Tektronix or Wavetek models, solving TPS programmers’ replacement issues.

Waveform Memory

Waveform memory is the internal scratchpad where the waveforms reside. Larger memory banks provide for longer waveforms. One can use the entire memory (up to 4M) for a single waveform or split the length to smaller segments. In this case, many waveforms can be stored in the same memory and replayed, one at a time, when recalled to the output. The memory segmentation feature may be combined with a sequence generator that can take different memory segments and link (and loop) them in any order as required for the test. The ability to loop waveform segments in a sequence can save a lot of memory and extend the capability of the generator to produce longer, more complex waveforms. The PM8571/2A has a sequence generator for each of its output channels that can be loaded with unique sequences.

Signal Integrity

As technology evolves and new devices are developed each day, faster and more complex signals are needed to simulate and stimulate these new devices. With its wide sample clock generator range (up to 300MS/s), 16-bit vertical resolution and wide output bandwidth (over 100MHz), one can create mathematical profiles, download the coordinates to the instrument and regenerate waveforms without compromising signal fidelity and design integrity.

16-Bit Digital Pattern Generator

16-bits are available as digital patterns from a rear-panel VHDC connector. The standard output level is LVDS which is efficient and sufficient for high speed digital data transmissions, however, programmable levels and impedances can be achieved by using a standard external accessory.

Inter-Channel Control (PM8572A Only) In the PM8572A, both channels share a common sample clock, and both channels are triggered from the same source assuring tightly synchronized channel-to-channel timing. Precise control over channelto-channel phase offset is achieved by allowing control over channel start phase with a resolution down to as small as 1 waveform point. This enables extremely accurate timing or phase dependencies to be studied, such as those found in high speed digital communication systems.

Smart, Small and Cost Effective Solution

The PM8571/2A offers unmatched performance even compared to instruments designed to generate fewer types of signals. Its smart, compact, 2U 1/2 rack size box design will allow designers and manufacturers to conserve substantial bench space, while benefiting from high performance, high bandwidth, signal integrity, reliability and the flexibility to adapt to a full spectrum of applications, for many years to come, offering unprecedented integration levels, which make it the best in its category for size-price-performance.

Easy to use

A large and user-friendly 3.8” back-lit color LCD display facilitates browsing through menus, updating parameters and displaying detailed waveform information. Combined with a numeric keypad, cursor position control and a knob, the front panel controls simplify the operation of this universal waveform source.

Remote Control

Access speed is an increasingly important requirement for test systems. Ethernet, USB and GPIB interfaces are available so that the most suitable interface for the application may be selected. Remote control of instrument functions, parameters and waveform downloads is easily tailored to specific system environments regardless of whether control is via a laptop computer or full-featured ATE system. IVI drivers and factory support will speed up system integration and minimize test development time and costs.

Remote Calibration

Normal calibration cycles in the industry range from one to three years where instruments are sent to a service center, opened to allow access to trimmers, calibrated and certified for repeated usage. Leading-edge technology was employed on the PM8571/2A to allow calibration from any PM8571/2A remote interface such as USB, GPIB or LAN. Calibration factors are stored in a flash memory thus eliminating the need to open instrument covers.

Multi-Instrument Synchronization

Multiple PM8571/2A can be synchronized using a Master-Slave arrangement allowing users to benefit from the same high quality performance in their multi-channels needs.

Multiple Environments to Write Your Code The PM8571/2A comes with a complete set of drivers, allowing you to write your application in various environments including: Labview, CVI, C++, VB and MATLab. You may also link the supplied dll to other Windows-based API’s or use low-level SCPI commands to program the instrument, regardless if your application is written for Windows, Linux or Macintosh operating systems.


ArbConnection is a powerful software package that allows you to easily design any type of waveform and control the instrument functions, modes and features via a graphical user interface (GUI). Whether you need to generate output using a built-in waveform, a hand sketched or played back waveform, a pulse pattern, a serial data string, a modulated carrier or even an equation, ArbConnection provides you the editing tools which makes virtually any application possible.