Quicksyn 0.1 to 10/20 GHz Signal Generators

QuickSyn 10 GHz and 20 GHz signal generators with QuickSyn technology deliver instrument-grade performance, extensive functionality, and efficient power consumption in a compact form factor and at a low cost. The synthesizers feature a revolutionary phase-refining technology that provides a unique combination of fast-switching speed (less than 100 µs tuning speed) and low phase-noise characteristics.

These signal generators use a fundamental voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) to achieve the desired output frequency. In contrast to frequency multiplication schemes, this approach eliminates possible spectrum contamination from subharmonic products. The use of this advanced direct digital synthesis approach enables a very fine frequency resolution of 0.001 Hz.

The VCO noise is suppressed by an ultralow-noise reference oscillator and a low-noise locking mechanism. Microphonic effects are reduced by a low-mass VCO and very wide phase-locked loop (PLL) filter bandwidth.