The Wonder Wave Series line of arbitrary waveform generators breaks new ground by combining two technologies. While being a true, memory-based arbitry waveform generator (AWG), wiht all of the memory management capabilities needed to create complex waveforms, it also implements a Direct Digital Synthesizer (DDS)  enabling many standard modulation types and frequency agility capabilities.

  • from 50MS/s to 300MS/s, from 12 to 16 bit, from 1M to 4M waveform generators
  • Single or dual channel, separate or synchronized with 10ps resolution
  • 25 to 100MHz sine and 15 to 62.5MHz square waves
  • Up to 16Vp-p into 50Ω
  • Extensive modulation capabilities:  AM, FM, Arbitrary FM, FSK, ASK, (n)PSK, (n)QAM, Frequency Hop, 3D and sweep
  • Powerful sequence generator links and loops segments in user-defined fashion. Stores up to 10 different sequence tables
  • Built-in fast dynamic segments and sequences hop control
  • High resolution 3.8” LCD, color display
  • LAN, USB and GPIB interfaces
  • Multi-Instrument synchronization