Automatic Test Equipments – AVK-xxxATE

Design, distribution and maintenance of Automatic Test Equipments (ATE).
In order to fulfil customer requirements the benches integrates commercial and/or custom equipments in LabView environment.
Economy and standard versions are available in order to satisfy any customer needs.
The main features are:

  • high modularity
  • Integrated self test
  • self calibration feature
  • log file generation
  • fully reporting

Ground Power Unit – AVK096UPA01

Electrical power generator of high performances based on lead acid maintenance free batteries, rechargeable from electrical power supply or on board a/c, under severe operative conditions. The unit is electronic-mechanical system not requiring consumable materials. No calibration is required for such unit. Available in the following versions: 1500 A and 3000 A.

External dimensions of the unit; 400x200x265 mm, power supply 85-264VAC 47-500 Hz, max current request 15 A, max power request 3,4kW.


Nav Selector Test Bench, it includes the power supply 115VAC/400Hz @ +28VDC.
The s/w is based on LabView and runs on an industrial Panel PC with 15″ touch screen display.

Tornado Test Bench – AVK095-01

Panavia Tornado aircraft test bench to verify the under-wings electrical circuit.

Dimensions 290x125x290 weight 3.1 Kg. Total weight with cables and case 10.25 kg.

Wiring Test – M50

A Portable system used for verification of electrical cabling, designed for maintenance and repair of the aircrafts, both commercial and military. The system is suitable for all equipments that use electrical cabling.

Wiring Test – M10

Automatic systems made on the aircraft for the validation of electrical circuits, with respect to the ones in the applicable manuals. M10 is an efficient utility for the variants of electrical wiring due to new installations.

Ni-Cd Battery Charger – AVK 061-00

Maintenance system for Ni-Cd batteries that is composed of two independent units and is used to charge, equalize and discharge elements.
Additionally, the system enables the execution of automatic operations that are programmed, such as: the execution of the various types of charge, verification of defective elements, a determination of the capacity of accumulators so as to recognize its efficiency, and a control of the electrical parameters during the charging cycle.

Standard dimension of the equipment 130x448x450mm
battery charger: weight 7 kg, power supply 230 V 50H z Max, charging current 40 A;
equalizer analyzer / discharger: weight 15 kg, power supply 230 V 50 Hz, power absorbed 90 W, dissipated power 1650 W, number of analyzable elements 1-20.