RFID Asset Tracking

Asset tracking Solution.
Based on RFID (radiofrequency identifier) technology, Avk-Track allows the localising and tracking of electronic instruments.
Distinctive features of the solution are:

  • Real time localisation and tracking of the tagged equipments.
  • Scalability, increasing the coverage and the number of assets by simply installing new cells and new TAGs.
  • Extreme Solution Flexibility, by using the temperature sensors it’s possible to prevent and avoid critical situations, detecting possible failures and constant monitoring of the effective use of the instruments.
  • Multi-site Solution, the system is able to track the resources dislocated in different facilities.

Electromagnetic Field Meter

Isotropic broadband field strength meter, data collection and alarm generator for hazard evaluation.
Frequency range from 5 Hz to 40 GHz, it handles up to 16 isotropic sensors.