Fibre-Glass Containers

Containers, pressurized & non-pressurized, are available in composite material for aeronautical equipments. Supplied on demand.

Palletized Systems for C130 Aircraft

Compliant with FAA regulations, easy loading (approx 1 hour), there are several solutions for passenger transport, galley, staff lavatory, separate baggage containers. Mounted on standard pallets (108 x 88).

Please refer to product data sheet.
Builder: Knight Aerospace Inc.

Mobile Workshop

Avio-transportable workshop for class aircrafts C130H/J and C27J, operated in open field and any environmental conditions. The workshop is mobile, completely autonomous and bears mechanical tools for emergency service.

Appropriate dimensions for transportation 366x210x233 cm, weight 2560 kg., conditions of use 725x354x255 cm.


Headphones for flight crew and for crew chief. Available in various types with both earphones and microphones complying to civil specifications (FAA) or military (MIL).

Earphones/microphones for civil use with impedance of 100 & – 2 k&.
Earphones/microphones for military use with an impedance 8 & – 150 &.
Microphones for Eurofighter with impedance at 300&.

Builder: David Clark Company Inc.


Flight crew and crew chief helmets of various types with earphones and microphones complying with military specifications (MIL).

Earphone/microphone with impedance of 8 & – 150&.

Builder: David Clark, Gentex, Kind

Oxygen Mask & Life Vest Unit

The unit constitutes of a fibre-glass container, extremely resistant and lightweight, composed of two life vests, one oxygen bottle and two masks.

Dimensions 90 x 11,5 (Ø) cm, oxygen supply of 12-15 min. for each passenger.

Calibrated Cables and Connectors

Calibrated cables used for measurement equipment, adapted for the interconnection of different devices. Also available are cable connectors calibrated in a range of choices between the international producers and connectors, complying with the MIL norms for military usage.