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Standards: All new material or our production conforms to the current rules (CE marking). Reconditioned material may be exempt from CE marking as it is present within the EEC before 31/12/1995 (Legislative Decree 476 of 4/12/1992). However, the compliance with D.P.R. 547 and Decree-Law no. 626/96 and 277/97 (Low Voltage Directive, 73/23 CEE, 93/68 EEC).

Delivery time: Indicative 10 working days for ready-to-use material, 40 days for material to be ordered.

Warranty: The warranty provided on the instruments is twelve months from the date of delivery to the Customer. During the warranty period, the instruments in question will be repaired or replaced by an unquestionable judgment of Aviatronik S.p.A. The warranty clause includes labor and parts to be replaced; excludes the carriage remains at customer’s own charge and risk. Devices fault imputable to misuse, transportation, carelessness, or voluntary damage to the equipment is excluded from the warranty. The warranty only takes effect upon full payment of the delivery.

Calibration: Our laboratory can provide instruments with SIT calibration or SIT-referrable Calibration Certificate (Calibration Service in Italy). If quoted in this offer, the calibration service provides for a certificate of calibration and conformity of the instrument to the manufacturer’s specifications.

Technical assistance, periodic calibration: A service contract can be concluded, in which Aviatronik S.p.A. undertakes to extend the warranty of the supplied instruments and to carry out annual calibrations and revisions. In any case, we provide technical assistance on every sold instrument.

User manuals: Provided with the instrument, whenever possible, in original or in photocopy. Prices: All sales prices of the Products indicated on the Site are expressed in Euros, net of VAT and delivered ex our warehouse.

Shipping: Unless otherwise specified in order, at customer’s own charge and risk. Material

Properties: The property of the supplied material remains of Aviatronik S.p.A. until full payment of the supply has taken place.

Complete Order Completion: If a complete order is not possible, the failure to deliver some items does not entitle the buyer to make legal exceptions, deductions or payment suspensions.

Offer validity: Offers are valid for 30 days.