DC Harsh Environment Power Supply


Powerful Performance, Effortless Flexibility

Simple Integration for harsh environment

The Titan 3G Power System series, with its ruggedized constructions, is best suited for use in harsh environments / defense / homeland security

Its waterproof (IP 66/68) housing, high performance, and superb reliability, make the Titan 3G the ideal  DC power source for use in outdoor, vehicular, avionic, naval and field applications.

The standard Titan 3G products can be tailored to meet specific projects requirements.

The Titan 3G Series:


(1) Circuit Breaker is not required when using Junction Box

(2) Width: 200mm, Height: 275mm, Depth: 400mm, Junction Box will be IP67

(3) Available with D38999 connector upon request

(4) All dimensions refer to Circuit Breaker and Meter Options (Not including Junction Box)

Mains Input Specifications
– Operating Frequency: 45 – 440 Hz
– Efficiency: 85% typical
– Power Factor: > 0.98 at nominal load for 230VAC single phase and 208VAC three phase
– Soft Start: Initial inrush current limit up to 250%

DC Output Specifications
– Operating Mode: Constant voltage or constant current with automatic crossover
– Polarity: Floating voltage – positive or negative pole may be grounded
– Stabilization due to line fluctuations:50mV for specified extremes of line voltage
– Stabilization due to load fluctuations: + 0.3V over no-load/full-load range
– Ripple and Noise: 300mVp-p Max., 30mV RMS max
– Operating Temperature: – 40˚C to + 70˚C
– Derating 1% per 1˚C: + 40˚C to + 70˚C
– Cooling: Natural convection

Front Panel
– MAIN Circuit Breaker (Input/Output)
– LINE AC input OK light
– OUT DC output OK light
– ALARM indicator lights when the output voltage is outside the required voltage range
– IN/OUT Connectors

Protection Features
– Input/output circuit breaker (Dual pole)
– Output current limit
– Output over voltage protection
– Output low voltage indication
– Over temperature protection
– Mains input voltage protection
– Battery to power supply leakage current < 10mA (Mains power is off)
– Low Voltage Disconnect (LVD) – option
– Reversed battery polarity protection – option

Operational Conditions 
– Altitude: Up to 10,000 meters from sea level
– Humidity: Up to 95%   Operating temperature: – 40˚C to + 70˚C
– Storage temperature: – 40˚C to + 85˚C
– Mechanical Shock: up to 25G
– Vibrations: 6 Grms at 50-2000Hz

Ingress Protection (IP): 66 / 68
Safety: UL/EN60950
Power Factor: EN61000-3-2
EMC / Immunity
– EN61000-3-3: Flicker & voltage fluctuation
– EN550022: Class B conducted emission
– EN61000-4-2: Electrostatic discharge immunity
– EN61000-4-3: Radiated electromagnetic field
– EN61000-4-4: Fast transients-burst immunity
– EN61000-4-5: Input Surge immunity
– EN61000-4-6: Conducted immunity
– EN61000-4-11: Voltage dips

– Input-to-Output dielectric voltage strength of 3,000VDC per 1 minute
– Input-to-Chassis and Input-to-Output insulation exceeds 20MOhm at 1000V
– Output-to-Chassis exceeds 20MOhm at 100V/250V

– Power cables are offered with lengths of 3 Meter / 5 Meter
– Trolley cart is available for up to three Titans and one Junction Box