Wireless Signal and Spectrum Analyzer ( R5500 )

Wireless Signal and Spectrum Analyzer ( R5500 )

ThinkRF makes possible the cost-effective testing and monitoring of billions of wireless devices.

Using patented innovation, ThinkRF’s R5500 wireless signal and spectrum analyzer has the performance of traditional high-end lab spectrum analyzers at a fraction of the cost, size, weight and power consumption and is designed for distributed deployment.

The R5500 Wireless Signal Analyzer has a highly optimizable software-defined radio receiver coupled with real-time digitization and digital signal processing. This enables wide bandwidth, deep dynamic range and 27 GHz frequency range in a small one-box platform.

On top of this market disruptive platform, ThinkRF provides a rich set of standard APIs and programming environments for easy and quick use with existing or new test and monitoring applications.

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Large Frequency Range

The frequencies and bandwidths of commercial wireless systems have been increasing steadily to accommodate the growing demand for larger data rates. The R5500 supports frequency ranges from 100 kHz up to 27 GHz which enables testing of modern systems and doesn’t exclude tests such as third-order intercepts.

Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth

Modern waveforms such as 802.11ac standard utilize waveforms occupy up to 80 MHz in bandwidth and LTE-Advanced aims to utilize bandwidths of up to 100 MHz. The R5500 provides up to 100 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth in its direct conversion mode.

Deep Dynamic Range

RF measurements for characterizing IP3 generally require a dynamic range of around 100 dB. The R5500 supports multiple ADCs thereby providing wide IBW with 70 dB dynamic range and a narrow IBW with 100 dB dynamic range.

Real-Time Acquisition Memory and Trigger Capability

Modern waveforms such as those associated with the wireless LAN standards utilize packet-based signaling techniques. The R5500 enable real-time capture of multiple data packets by providing real-time hardware-based frequency domain triggering capability in conjunction with real-time memory storage of up to 128 million samples.

Fast Scan Speed

Scan speed determines how fast the analyzer can jump from analyzing one set of frequencies to another set. The R5500 has fast setup times and provides sophisticated capture control.

Small Size, Weight, and Power

The R5500 has a length and width less than a sheet of paper, weighs less than 3 kg and consumes less than 20 W of power making it a fraction of the size, weight and power of traditional lab spectrum analyzers.

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