1465-V series signal generators has excellent vector modulation performance within the frequency
range of 100kHz-67GHz. It has 200MHz internal modulation bandwidth and 2GHz external modulation
real-time bandwidth, which can meet various modulation needs of wideband signals. The generator has
excellent spectrum purity and output power specifications. The phase noise of 10GHz carrier @10kHz
frequency offset can be reached to -126dBc/Hz, to meet high-level test needs which have strict
requirements of testing signals. The generator also has excellent vector modulation accuracy and at
the full frequency range the EVM is less than 1.4%(4Msps), which makes the generator be used in
metrology purpose. The baseband signal generator can be set easily with flexible performance and
many modulation formats. More than 20 kinds of common modulation formats are supported, such as
PSK, QAM, FSK, ASK and so on. The arbitrary wave modulation support 5 kinds of download file
format, users can edit and download the waveform according to their own requirement. Thus various
signal modulation can
be accomplished and complex signals can be generated. Besides,the ”airspace capsule” operation
interface design and 10.1 inch high-brightness touch screen can bring a brand-new operation
experience to users.

With wide frequency band and modulation bandwidth, 1465-V series signal generator can not only
provide user with analog and vector modulated signal with great spectrum purity and modulation
types, but also can help user edit arbitrary waves flexibly. It’s an ideal choice for performance
test of components, modules, communications, navigation, radar, and other electronic systems.

Main Characteristics
● Broadband vector signal generation

● Large vector modulation bandwidth

● High compatible arbitrary wave data format download

● High purity spectrum

● Broadband and high-power output
● Metrology grade vector modulation accuracy

● Complete universal digital modulation format

● Convenient touch screen control

● Multiple control and function extension interfaces

Broadband vector signal generation

1465-V series signal generators can provide various signal testing solutions covering
3GHz/6GHz/10GHz/20GHz/40GHz/50GHz/67GHz to meet user’s specific needs in different fields.
Especially, 1465L-V signal generator with 100kHz~67GHz frequency range can meet test needs of most
users .

Large Vector Modulation Bandwidth
1465-V series signal generators can provide 200MHz internal modulation bandwidth and 2GHz external modulation bandwidth(above 3.2GHz carrier)vector signal generation function .

High purity spectrum

1465-V series signal generators are able to output extremely pure signal spectrum. The single side
band phase noise of 10GHz carrier and 10kHz frequency offset has a typical value of
-126dBc/Hz and 1GHz carrier and 10kHz frequency offset typically reaches -142dBc/Hz. It can be used
for Doppler radar as well as high-performance receiver block and adjacent channel selectivity test.
It also can be an ideal alternative device for local oscillator and low jitter timer.

Metrology Grade Vector Modulation Accuracy

1465-V series signal generators has excellent vector modulation accuracy. The EVM is less than 1.4%
(typical value<1.0%) at the frequency range 100kHz-40GHz, and EVM<2.5% (typical value<1.5%) at the
frequency range 40GHz-67GHz .

Convenient touch screen control

A 10.1-inch LED display screen of 1280×800 resolution shows the instrument states information
clearly. Conspicuous color matching, proper function division and various function panel buttons
provide a fresh sight of vision, easy operation and higher test efficiency for you. Besides with
the panel buttons, the instrument can be controlled independently by operating with enter knob,
sliding or clicking on the touch screen, and using external keyboard or mouse.

Multiple Control and Function Extension Interfaces

Support various auxiliary interfaces such as USB, LAN, GPIB, Monitor. The USB interface can be used
for data transmission and external keyboard/mouse. LAN and GPIB can be used for programmable
control. The monitor connector can be used for external display when using a CRT or LCD.